About MiSEN

The landscape in Michigan has changed with the arrival of the State Education Network (SEN) upgraded fiber network backbone that provides internet access at fantastic speeds for a mere $.09/mb.


Michigan Department of Education's vision for the Michigan Statewide Educational Network (MiSEN) is to connect 100% of Michigan's ISDs, LEAs, and PSAs with the networking capacity needed to ensure that teachers and students never see bandwidth as a barrier to achieving their goals in the classroom.

The SEN allows online assessments and other high-value online activities to be accessed securely at higher bandwidths and lower costs than traditional Internet access. The SEN facilitates great opportunities to share technology and related services.

Regional Initiatives Have Already:

  • Replaced current internet contracts: One ISD saved approximately $15,000 per year!
  • School services: One ISD hosts another ISDs PowerSchool and Magic Meal.
  • Hosting services: Virtual server hosting. Examples include Student Information Systems, Off-site Backups, Firewall, and Internet Access.

Fast, Secure, and Reliable:

  • Keep up with the growing demand for bandwidth with regional and state-wide purchasing.
  • Provide direct paths between ISDs/ESAs/RESAs to make collaboration and resource sharing easy, secure, and cost-effective.
  • ISD connections set the stage for Phase II, connecting all LEAs and buildings.
  • Meet the growing demand for fast, secure connections that protect student data.
  • Help attract Federal E-Rate dollars by supporting FCC goals of state-wide connectivity.

Cost Savings to the State:

  • A high-bandwidth, shared intranet will position all districts in the state for collaborative purchasing.
  • The SEN's readily available connections between facilities provide a platform for cost-efficient sharing of resources.
  • The efficient use of networking resources will help attract Federal dollars by demonstrating Michigan's effective use of taxpayer resources.

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please contact us!

Merri Lynn Colligan
MiSEN Director
Michigan Statewide Educational Network (MiSEN)
(810) 591-4453 office
[email protected]

Kurt Torok
MiSEN Network Integrator
Michigan Statewide Educational Network (MiSEN)
(269) 207-6321 mobile
[email protected]

Dan Allen 
MiSEN Broadband Analyst
Michigan Statewide Educational Network (MiSEN)
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Michelle Mize
MiSEN Administrative Assistant
Michigan Statewide Educational Network (MiSEN)
(810) 591-4428 office
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